We are a coalition of student volunteers engaging with Houston residents through English Second Language (ESL) tutor sessions and resource development.We move FORWARDS with FOUR WORDS at the core of our work:

Volunteer WITH US

We understand that service looks different for everyone. So, we offer two unique volunteer positions: Edu-Creators and 4Words Fellows!Edu-Creators
Edu-Creators engage in indirect service through the creation of ESL lesson plan portfolios.
Edu-Creators can look forward to:
-Developing 4Words' foundational set of educational materials
-Gaining firsthand experience in lesson plan creation (with a reviewed portfolio as proof!)
-Supporting the greater goal of improving adult English literacy in Houston and co-empowering all members involved
Edu-Creators can expect to give:
-10 documented hours during the academic year

4Words Fellows
4Words Fellows engage in direct service through one-hour weekly ESL tutor sessions.
4Words Fellows can look forward to:
-Connecting with ESL learners through consistent exchanges with the goal of developing empathy and cultural humility
-Empowering ESL learners to achieve their personal and professional goals, while being empowered in the process!
-Gaining ESL teaching/tutoring experience
4Words Fellows can expect to give:
-10 documented hours of their time between November-May (maximum of one hour per week)

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Our Community Connections are incredibly important to our operations and service. We partner with adult literacy centers on a biannual basis in order to connect our 4Words Fellows with ESL learners.Our current Community Connections include:
-The Alliance
-Boat People SOS
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Partner with us

Our Community Connections can look forward to:
-Gaining a coalition of vibrant student volunteers who will provide consistent, supplemental ESL tutoring for your ESL learners
-Growing a partnership with a university student organization
Our Community Connections can expect to give:
-Internal onboarding and training sessions
-Feedback on ways we can best serve the ESL learners we engage with

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